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                                Dr. Barry Fagin


The most dangerous woman in America Online version/discussion Dec 9th
Upside-down pyramid of governmental power Online version/discussion Nov 26th
DST:  Demostrably stupid thinking Online version/discussion Nov 11th
School choice might make peace in the culture wars Online version/discussion Oct 21st
Notes from a radical centrist's manifesto Online version/discussion Oct 7th
Beware the cargo cult mentality Online version/discussion Sep 23rd
Refusing the vaccine isn't only about freedom Online version/discussion Sep 9th
Spending an enjoyable time in a wonderful story Online version/discussion Aug 26th
Let the 'South Park guys' buy Casa Bonita Online version/discussion Aug 12th
Conservative confusion on private property Online version/discussion Jul 29th
What are the fruits of critical race theory? Online version/discussion Jul 15th
Fulton v. Philadelphia Online version/discussion Jun 24th
Consequences of mask or vaccine requirements Online version/discussion Jun 3rd
Dr Fagin makes a trip to the state legislature Online version/discussion May 20th
Exposing a ridiculous, openly racist policy Online version/discussion May 6th
Democrats, Republicans both seek one-party rule Online version/discussion Apr 22nd
Nothing special about winner-take-all voting Online version/discussion Apr 8th
Monument's monument is unconstitutional Online version/discussion March 18th
The First Amendment and the use of the internet Online version/discussion Feb 25th
The lost, isolated QAnon movement Online version/discussion Feb 11th
Reconciliation begins with each one of us Online version/discussion Jan 21st
Honest democracy needs honest language Online version/discussion Jan 7th
Peace on earth, good will to all Online version/discussion Dec 24th
Two cheers for Big Pharma's Pfizer Online version/discussion Dec 10th
Enlightening new book on finding health care solutions Online version/discussion Nov 29th
Time to stop the two-party doom loop Online version/discussion Nov 12th
Liability insurance for law enforcement Online version/discussion Oct 29th
A new space for the exploration of ideas Online version/discussion Oct 15th
"The Radical Center" launched Oct 15 2020, online versions/discussions now behind a paywall
Fighting a useless war against drugs Online version Oct 1st
Opposing both racism, crime is not contradictory Online version Aug 27th
Oppose laws that will cripple encryption Online version July 2nd
Flight MH17 trial could show the world that facts matter Online version June 18th
Damaging law protects government employees Online version June 4th
Libertarian candidate offers alternatives Online version May 14th
Pandemic ends the oil dominance myth Online version Apr 23rd
Freedom doesn't need a crisis to save lives Online version Mar 19th
Can't make America like Sweden without more capitalism Online version Mar 5th
Ignoring the basics of software engineering Online version Feb 6th
There's a better way:  Ranked Choice Voting Online version Nov 29th
Fossil finds reveal a real-life Jurassic Park Online version Oct 31st
Fearing the Ukrainization of America Online version Oct 10th
Trump's credible challengers in 2020 Online version Sep 12th
Bigfoot crossing sign tests our gullibility Online version Aug 22nd
Accepting different types of communities Online version Aug 8th
Declaring war must be a Congressional power Online version Jul 11th
Owning our role in Central America's pain Online version Jun 27th
Consequences of bad political metaphors Online version Jun 13th
Discovery of the latest prime number Online version Jan 31st
A teacher with a larger-than-life impact Online version Jan 17th
On concealed carry in the synagogue Online version Nov 1st
What science says about eyewitness accounts Online version Oct 11th
A challenging need for STEM teachers Online version Sep 27th
Addressing the city's growing pains Online version Aug 23rd
Congressional Dems:  Your body, our choice Online version Mar 29th
The world is watching America's response to Ukraine Online version Mar 15th
Economic freedom fights "poor country disease" Online version Jan 25th
Guns don't kill people, and neither do drugs Online version Jan 11th
Repeal of Title II authority will be good for the internet Online version Dec 14th
March for science left out some enterprises Online version May 1st
Understanding Russia as an equal   Apr 6th
Electoral college protects against tyranny Online version Nov 17th
Special show tackled people's big questions Online version Oct 27th
Idea of economic justice is at odds with liberty Online version July 19th
Amid sorrow, we await Islam enlightenment Online version June 16th
Barriers remain in way of a more free world Online version June 2nd
Third-party candidates should take stage in presidential debates Online version May 19th
Republicans left with a bullying demagogue as nominee Online version May 5th
Mandatory recycling laws should be trashed Online version Apr 21st
Sound principles, ideas deserving of closer look Online version Apr 8th
Time to admit TSA not a thoughtful policy decision Online version March 24th
Intimidation, threats of force drive politics Online version March 10th
Government tries to force Apple to debase its product Online version Feb 25th
America's tradition of accepting immigrants should still continue Online version Nov 19th
Budget deal kicks can farther down the road Online version Nov 5th
Playboy's new direction a triumph of capitalism Online version Oct 22nd
Russia taking a page from America's playbook Online version Oct 8th
Politicos not interested in these folks' stories Online version Sep 10th
Runners can always find one more level of crazy Online version Aug 20th
Time for Springs to end its Comcast agreement Online version Aug 13th
Ukraine, fertile and blood-soaked, shakes its fist at history Online vesion July 30th
'War on Drugs' to blame for El Chapo's power Online version July 16th
Encyclical ignores too much of what we know Online version June 25th
Status quo keeps U.S. tax system backward Online version May 28th
Backbone of this nation is right to free speech Online version May 7th
No place in military for army of God Online version Apr 23rd
Leave shared lodging sites alone, busybodies Online version Apr 9th
Ukraine's mess is bad and likely to get worse Online version Mar 26th
Court battle fueled by hubris of the left Online version Mar 12th
Empower patients to control health care costs Online version Feb 26th
The world is better off without key escrow laws Online version Feb 12th
Price gouging is what capitalism is all about Online version Jan 29th
Sri Lanka bows to religious tolerance Online version Jan 15th
The next time a genius shows up, let's be ready Online version Nov 30th
Push for net neutrality aimed at solving problem that doesn't exist Online version Nov 13th
Flu vaccine a miracle of science, capitalism Online version Oct 30th
Some find selves on wrong side of history Online version Oct 16th
Crony capitalism or the free market?  Congress must decide Online version Oct 2nd
Putin wages covert wars abroad to increase popularity at home Online version Sep 18th
New rallying cry:  What doesn't government undo something? Online version Sep 4th
Putting a stake through the heart of Obamacare Online version July 31st
Is freedom the solution to health insurance? Online version July 17th
Georgia is one weird, but cool place to visit Online version June 26th
Force VA to compete for patients, instead of ignoring them Online version May 31st
Try freedom before regulating Uber, Lyft Online version May 8th
New Jersey governor doesn't know Colorado Online version April 24th
Leave the courts out of First Amendment issues Online version April 10th
The devil is in the details of Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores Online version March 27th
America must adjust to new post-Cold War era Online version March 13th
Key to fighting corruption is economic freedom Online version Feb 27th
Our sense of fairness and a fight for survival Online version Feb 13th
Crisis in the Ukraine:  "There is only power" Online version Jan 30th
It's time America stops waging a war on youth Online version Jan 9th
Judge's decision on cake making is freedom taking Online version Dec 12th
The importance of intellectual integrity Online version Nov 21st
Drug policy should include more freedom Online version Nov 7th
Trip to Mars more than an awesome adventure Online version Oct 24th
Friction-free capitalism has enabled travel plans Online version Oct 10th
America's real problem is with spiritual poverty Online version Sep 26th
Intervention in Syria's civil war won't help Online version Sep 12th
Ignoring science or reason can be fatal sometimes Online version Aug 29th
Grim fiscal reality requires review of military alliances Online version Aug 15th
Political establishment should listen to libertarians Online version Aug 1st
From bikinis to burqas, let women wear what they want Online version July 18th
Let's fight terror without sacrificing our liberties Online version July 4th
Why shouldn't we learn to control mother nature? Online version June 20th
Let's play ball without the government's subsidies Online version June 6th
Apple takes a bite out of the corporate tax system Online version May 23rd
Colorado should be a model on internet sales taxes Online version May 9th
Marathon run transcends participating in a race Online version Apr 25th
We accept spending cuts that really aren't cuts at all Online version Apr 11th
Change the mission of our military to retrenchment Online version Mar 7th
Running first marathon an accomplishment that will last Online version Feb 21st
Darwin Day reminds us about intellectual integrity Online version Feb 7th
We need major, radical steps to stop losing ground Online version Jan 24th
The fairness impulse has outlived its usefulness Online version Jan 10th
A chicken in every pot, downloadable guns for all Online version Dec 27th
AARP has its head in the sand about Social Security benefits Online version Dec 13th
Being pandered to is important Online version Nov 29th
Air Force Academy professor sounds off on being 'better' Online version Nov 15th
Proposed amendments involve issue of individual liberties Campaign finance debate (mp3) Nov 1st
George ready for the big issues Online version Oct 18th
Meaning of words matter, especially during an election year Online version Oct 4th
A truly free society respects everyone's individual choices Online version Sep 20th
Take a look at a candidate few have ever heard about Online version Sep 6th
Running can teach us a lot about the  meaning of 'crazy' Online version Aug 23rd
Colorado Republicans shouldn't Californicate Online version Aug 9th
Life's painful transitions teach us what is really important Online version July 26th
Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare means liberty is divisible Online version July 12th
Prayer warriors accomplish little when fighting wildfires Online version June 28th
Looking back one last time at love, hope and transitions Online version June 14th
Smart people and stupid ideas Online version May 31st
Free market doesn't control the traffic in the friendly skies Online version May 17th
Thrill of cyber victory is sweet Online version May 3rd
Government should not be in the shooting range business Online version Apr 19th
Prague jam session proves blues works in any language Online version Apr 5th
It looks like time travel may have to wait a little longer Online version Mar 22nd
Obama, Santorum take a page from Putin's campaign strategy Online version Mar 8th
Insurance dispute takes another chop at the tree of liberty Online version Feb 23rd
A bill of good things to have (response to op-ed from President) Online version Feb 6th
Three conservative factions Online version Jan 26th
Exposing the realities of Santorum's big government agenda Online version Jan 12th
'The Messiah' filled with wonder, inspiration, joy and beauty Online version Dec 8th
The relationship among religion, government and charity (not available online) Nov 21st
Point/Counterpoint: with John Horner: The Housing Bubble Online version Oct 27th
Taking on Occupy Wall Street's Grievances Against Corporations Online version Oct 13th
Day at CC's White Privilege Conference Exposes Oppression Online version Sep 29th
Although it's sad, the US Postal Service needs to fade away Online version Sep 15th
Personal responsibility plays a crucial role in weight loss Online version Sep 1st
Skepticamp offers opportunity to experience critical thinking Online version Aug 18th
A plan for finally resolving our politics-as-usual debt crisis Online version Aug 5th
We are all losing during the Washington battle of words Online version Jul 21st
Site of horrible nuclear disaster not what you would expect Online version Jul 8th
Point/Counterpoint with John Horner:  Regulating markets Online version June 23rd
Our hope as a culture rests in an embrace of critical thinking Online version May 26th
Some sage advice for Colorado Springs' first 'strong mayor' Online version May 12th
Point/Counterpoint: with John Horner  Medicare reform Online version Apr 28th
Put defense spending under the scrutiny microscope Online version Apr 14th
Planned Parenthood cuts are a bone tossed to conservatives Online version Mar 17th
Political 'Mom and Dad' can't always save us from monsters Online version Mar 3rd
A time to dream big dreams, expand humankind's reach Online version Feb 17th
Issue is about crossing the border between church and state Online version Feb 3rd
Horoscope hangups demonstrate a lack of critical thinking Online version Jan 20th
Federal pay freeze should precede a larger fiscal conversation Online version with reader comments Dec 9th
Voters echo founders' wish to pit ambition against ambition Online version with reader comments Nov 11th
Belief in obvious nonsense is not a harmless indulgence Online version with reader comments Oct 28th
Social network is ultimately about communities of choice Online version with reader comments Oct 14th
GOP's ‘Pledge to America' weak, riddled with loophole phrases Online version with reader comments Sep 30th
Christian business directories send divisive message Online version with reader comments Sep 16th
Spectranetics arrests prove fundamental flaws at the FDA Online version with reader comments Sep 2nd
Public employee benefits are out of sync with economic reality Online version with reader comments Aug 19th
Time to rekindle the vision of America as a hope for freedom Online version with reader comments Aug 5th
It's time for a ‘mythbuster' for politics' evil special interests Online version with reader comments July 22nd
World's premium on English strangely absent in America Online version with reader comments June 17th
What one father discerned at his child's graduation Online version with reader comments June 3rd
AFA's Scholars Program is an example of something great Online version with reader comments May 20th
Make the hard choices to cut entitlements and defense Online version with reader comments May 6th
Let's abandon Earth Day myths Online version with reader comments Apr 22nd
Abolish federal income tax and curb government spending Online version with reader comments Apr 8th
Something 'historic' should be something we all support Online version with reader comments Mar 25th
We should make Women's Day an occasion of substance Online version with reader comments Mar 11th
Apologize now for the burden future generations will bear Online version with reader comments Feb 18th
Libertarians:  They're out there, they're growing, and they vote Online version with reader comments Feb 4th
Not all Christians believe quake was caused by a curse Online version with reader comments Jan 21st
Tension builds between two main conservative varieties Online version with reader comments Jan 7th
The word 'Christmas' has two very different meanings Online version with reader comments Dec 24th
Right v. left stereotypes do not work in modern politics Online version with reader comments Dec 10th
When high gas prices return, 'suck it up' Online version with reader comments Nov 26th
Mandate to buy health insurance an assault on freedom Online version with reader comments Nov 12th
Exit strategy needed for costly, unnecessary war on poppies Online version with reader comments Oct 30th
Controversy around cloth symptomatic of American problem Online version with reader comments Oct 16th
We should take a patriotic view of those bikini-clad baristas Online version with reader comments Oct 2nd
Great men don't always get the recognition they deserve Online version with reader comments Sep 17th
Government interference blocks free market in health care Online version with reader comments Sep 3rd
Debate over health care reform rages over different beliefs Online version with reader comments Aug 20th
It's time for real reform in how we teach math in schools Aug 6th
GOP can't be Democrat Lite and expect to win elections (text version only)   July 23rd
Homecoming brings perspective (text version only)   July 9th
Heart of Leningrad still beating June 25th
Nation, citizens not same thing June 11th
Russian silver screen is pure gold May 28th
Jazz a sign of change in Russia May 17th
A few Russian ideas to take home Apr 30th
This year, a Passover to remember Apr 16th
Workers' paradise misses the point Apr 6th
Russian bear of a language to learn Mar 19th
Speaking English confers power Mar 5th
People want to believe in government Feb 19th
Trip to Moscow is cultural immersion Feb 5th
American education has value overseas Jan 22nd
It's not a Bond movie, but move to Russia should be exciting Jan 8th
Modern liberalism devoid of debate Dec 25th
Maybe its time to try limited government Nov 13th
Calling cells people doesn't make it so Oct 30th
Reasons you don't have the right to own a house Oct 16th
Steps define time spent with children Oct 2nd
Stay-at-home dads don't get their due Sep 18th
Apparent media bias has easy explanation Sep 4th
Religion in public open to discussion Aug 21st
Fundamentalists might be wrong Aug 7th
The case for pretty people earning the big fact bucks July 24th
Man comes, goes, but mountains stay July 10th
Springs should be more accepting of gays June 26th
Mom captured essence of visit from grandkids June 12th
Shroud Center still pushing false claims May 29th
Kazakhstan economy benefits all citizens May 15th
City seeks answer to "What's the Big Idea?" May 1st
ID does not belong in the science classroom
(opposing viewpoint is here)
April 18th
My 100th column April 17th
Law of Large Numbers sucks fun from life April 3rd
Consensual adult sex shouldn't be a crime March 20th
Teen gets early introduction to intrusive government March 6th
Numbers show system needs improvement February 21st
Ignorance, superstition hold back mankind February 7th
Paul offers most to conservative voters January 24th
Supernatural forces not at work in politics January 10th


Would you like a large for a quarter more? December 27th
Shootings a reason to reach out to others December 13th
Consumers as smart as economic busybodies November 29th
Candidates' positions, not polls, matter most November 15th
Choosing elite school still a smart move November 1st
It's time to find new definition of 'poor' October 18th
Professor's 'last lecture' teaches life lessons October 4th
An open letter to the people of Iraq   (Arabic version) September 20th
Reason versus superstition the real culture clash September 6th
Low expectations don't help anyone August 23rd
Everyday economics floats all our boats August 9th
Property rights are key to pursuit of happiness July 26th
Michael Moore's movie misdiagnoses medical malady July 12th
GOP must return to bedrock principles June 28th
There's more to life than winning a Nobel Prize June 14th
Evangelical Old Guard makes way for change May 31st
Rudeness too common at movies, concerts May 17th
Creationists' 'science' doesn't stand up to facts May 3rd
Defenders of fuzzy math do students a disservice April 19th
Life is hard, even when it's artificial April 5th
Democrats again display mistrust of the market March 22nd
Bombshell a victim of human nature March 8th
African-Americans set pace for reform in public education  February 22nd
Race remains a topic that's too hot to touch February 8th
No smoke and mirrors at skeptics convention January 26th
Psychic crime fighters lead cops to dead ends January 11th


High-tech 'miracles' keep us connected December 28th

Science meets superstition in ghost-chasing story 

December 14th
Self-absorbed Americans need to broaden horizons November 30th
Haggard must earn forgiveness he seeks November 16th
Ballot offers variety of chances to make your voice heard November 2nd
Arguments against pot go up in smoke October 19th
Kids resilient enough to handle liberal colleges October 5th
Chaplain courted trouble by playing the victim September 21st
Big government Republicans must return to Reagan roots September 7th
Old give way to young, but not without fears August 24th
Gibson's anti-Semitic rant nothing to shrug off August 10th
Religion shouldn't appeal to our baser instincts July 28th
Religion, human nature can combine to wreak havoc July 27th
D-11 poised to set tone for math education July 13th
Real 'inconvenient truth' bucks Gore's premise June 29th
Personal tragedies shouldn't drive policy June 15th
Missing the apocalypse not the end of the world June 1st
The inaugural address we'll never hear May 18th
Learning English key to immigrant assimilation May 4th
Research deals blow to intelligent design April 20th
Recent prayer research spurned by excuse-makers April 6th
Drug war finances global terror operations March 23rd
One form of segregation still persists in public schools March 9th
Math and science summit a worthy endeavor February 23rd
Culture war opponents can find common ground February 9th
There is no such thing as 'free' health care January 26th
USPS monopoly makes no sense January 12th


Time for a sequel to "Inherit the Wind" December 29th
Nixon set in motion clash over Christmas December 15th
Latter-day pilgrims have lessons to teach December 1st
Modern day prophecies require no acts of magic November 17th
New board member should support vouchers November 3rd
State is California-bound if C&D are approved October 20th
Purist won't give up on Latin plurals (pluri?) October 6th
Ignorance, not the devil, is the root of all evil September 15th
Web's eye in the sky brings new insights September 1st
In battle of the opposites, Springs beats Boulder August 18th
Time has come to support embryonic stem cell research August 4th
Freedom will aid Africans more than continued welfare July 22nd
Battle of big spenders goes to GWB over LBJ July 7th
Comedic blast from the past makes geek chic ... finally June 23rd
Music links generations of freedom's defenders June 9th
The top 10 dumbest ideas of the 2005 Colorado legislature May 26th
'Fewer' incorrect signs result in 'less' confusion   May 12th
Closing down Wal-Mart won't come without high price   April 28th
Debunking what's false helps us discover what's true   April 14th
Evolution is a 'theory' grounded in facts   March 31st
Conservatives were no-shows at recent anti-hate rally   March 17th
Raising a family is no trivial pursuit   March 3rd
Democracy no guarantee of freedom   February 17th
Vouchers are the solution to design vs evolution debate   February 3rd
Neglecting math can add up to trouble   January 20th
Apostrophe does double duty, and it's overworked too   January 7th

Distribution of 'Our City' wrong on many levels

(Gazette's response is here)

  December 23rd
Responsibility takes a beating   December 9th
Convincing 'The Unconvinced' requires some ground rules   November 25th
Neither party represents liberty and responsibility   November 11th
Music transcends barriers of language and culture   October 28th
Taking a second look at Fahrenheit 9/11   October 14th
Religion should inform, not dominate debate in U.S.   September 30th
Belief in mystics baffles the mind   September 16th
Jazz is America's gift to the world   September 2nd
Lack of integrity core of McGreevey case   August 19th
Treat the cause of outsourcing, not the symptom   August 5th
GM foods hold the key to feeding mankind   July 22nd
Science and religion can live together   July 8th
Sweet land of liberty   June 30th
Invasion of the math snatchers   January 18th


Kids just don’t understand:  The real cause of online music piracy   September 30th
Taxpayer-funded stadiums flout baseball’s individualism   August 27th
The emperor has no clones   January 8th
Science doesn’t need intelligent design   August 18th
Owens' fiscal responsibility will help all Coloradans   June 13th
Political climate created great art museum February 3rd

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